Got You Covered

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Got You Covered is a prototype for creating community-driven safe spaces, particularly in urban areas with high incidence of violent crime, property crime, or police misconduct. The goal is to increase coverage by cameras in public spaces which upload images or video to a searchable public feed.

There can be no reasonable expectation of privacy in any public space, and many are now covered by privately owned cameras from gas stations, bank ATMs, and many other businesses as well as private residences. These can all be subpoenaed by law enforcement. Police officers in many areas use body or vehicle-mounted cameras, but the media produced by these can be difficult for citizens and journalists to obtain. This lack of transparency degrades individual privacy and freedom.

A publicly accessible feed of images from public spaces holds all accountable for their actions; criminal behavior from citizens, police, and politicians alike will be open for scrutiny. Make no mistake, with the spread of Internet access and cheap hardware, the age of transparency is already here. The intent of this project is to increase public safety, promote the public good, and democratize public information in public spaces.