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Original 1916 shotgun house at Yutopya Haus site in Church Hill North, Richmond, Virginia

Yutopya Haus is a modest, affordable, and sustainable home inspired by green building techniques such as Passivhaus, Earthships, and Open Building Institute. The house will be located in the historic Richmond neighborhood of Church Hill, in a section once known as Shed Town. The overall project to construct the house is part of a larger permaculture design with the following overarching goals:

  • divest money from the financial markets into a safe, local, sustainable real estate investment
  • invest for retirement by creating a home with no rent or mortgage payment and no utility expenses
  • create an urban permaculture homestead that uses no fossil fuels, produces no waste, and maximizes perennial food production on 1/6 acre
  • contribute to the revitalization of Church Hill North with housing that is sustainable, affordable, and owner-occupied